We at 电话este are shaping the future by providing smarter, 更安全的, and smoother solutions for people and society. Our inspiring challenge is to support the ongoing digital and social changes around 世界.

We combine innovation and experience into the best solutions for our customers – the result is a better world for us all.

十大可靠彩票平台对 世界

Broadband networks

  • Enabling reliable and ultra fast broadband connectivity to homes and businesses
  • Connecting people and content
  • Fostering digitalisation
  • Driving sustainability of the industry
  • Shaping the future through innovations and technologies

公共安全 and mobility

  • Imroving safety in public places and public transport
  • Enabling efficient and smooth people flow
  • Driving green mobility through sustainable and eco-friendly technologies
  • Fostering digitalisation and new services
  • Shaping the future through innovations and technologies

Working for a sustainable future

Our solutions play a key role in building a sustainable future and we are constantly innovating technologies that guide our industries towards a greener tomorrow. See examples of our work.

Towards smart and safe infrastructures

The world today is highly dependent on high-speed connectivity and reliable delivery of data and information on which smart and safe infrastructures are being built. Our technologies foster the development on many fronts and enable development of new, digital services. See examples of our work.

Industry collaboration

We are actively contributing to the work of versatile organisations and projects to drive our industries and technologies forward.

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