We are actively contributing to the work of versatile organisations that set direction for the future of broadband networks as well as security and information solutions.

Industry associations

  • 5 g的势头 – Innovating for 5G in 芬兰
  • Digital Video Broadcasting Project – an industry-led consortium of the world’s leading media and technology companies
  • ITxPT – Non-profit association for open IT architecture and interoperability
  • ONVIF – Industry forum driving standardised interfaces for IP-based physical security products
  • SCTE – Society of Cable 电话ecommunication Engineers
  • UITP – The International Association of Public Transport
  • 欧洲铁路行业联盟 – The Association of the European Rail Industry

Innovation and standardisation projects

We are actively involved in several projects and initiatives revolving around the 5G to drive realising the full potential of the technology. Please follow the links for more information.

  • 5g铁路欧盟 – Launched in 2020, the project drives utilisation of 5G within the railway industry
  • 摔倒 – Aiming to develop modular technology components and solutions for emotion analytics
  • 更聪明的 – Driving the development of smart, digital harbours

    快速浏览 摔倒

    Human-technology interoperability and artificial emotional intelligence

    The Business 芬兰-funded co-innovation project focuses on the realm of human-technology interaction, aiming to leverage the power of AI and emotional intelligence to advance state-of-the-art technologies. The groundbreaking initiative has implications for various verticals.


    • LuxTurrim5G – Ecosystem driving for new digital smart city services enabled by 5G
    • 说服 – Addressing the challenge of reducing the power consumption in IP-based video networks
    • H2B2VS –  Investigating the hybrid distribution of TV programs and services over Broadcast and Broadband networks
    • Virtuose – Virtualising video services utilizing container and other virtualization techniques utilized in several video related use cases.