Video encoders and decoders

Along with advanced video management systems Teleste can provide also key hardware components for IP/Ethernet networking. The diverse portfolio is consisting of building blocks such as heavy-duty switching products for demanding applications, including high power PoE and GbE capability. Special video processing needs are covered by a H.264 encoder with analogue & digital inputs, and as a return a multipurpose IP video decoder. For secured operations there is a GbE transmission solution that provides an encrypted IP/Ethernet communication.


Ethernet switching

Both layer-2 and layer-3 switching is available in robust industrial rated designs. Specific PoE models are supporting Ultra level powering up to 240 W in total. Switching needs in vehicle and rolling stock environment are supported by designs with hardened details and industry approved compliances.

H.264 video servers

A high quality 1080p60 full HD video can be provided a general purpose H.264 video encoder. In addition to analogue input, the hardware supports also HDMI and 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs. Encoder is able to provide four different streams from the single source. Encoder contains 2-way audio and data, the network interface is electrical GbE.

Secured IP link

In order to secure the networking of public CCTV installations, the transmission from a remote IP camera can be shielded. The link product not only encrypts the Ethernet signal but also contains features that prevents unauthorised user to access the devices in hardware level and misuse the connectivity. To meet various cabling needs the system utilises standard GbE SFP transceivers.

Universal video decoder

The stand-alone video decoder provides, depending on the model, simultaneous reception and decoding of one full frame rate video channel on HDMI at 1080p resolution or analogue CVBS output at D1/4CIF resolution, over Gigabit Ethernet network. H.264, H.265, MPEG-4, MJPEG and MPEG-2 video compressions are supported.

Teleste Video security solutions

All video security solutions

Our IP-based video security solution allows you to build a future-proof security ecosystem. In addition to the powerful video core, our solution offers a rich selection of smart features and functionalities that allow you to monitor and manage situations in real time.